I welcomed in the dawn of 2015 in the city of my childhood: Melbourne, Australia. It was here that I first began to sing kirtan, and here that my passion for music was so lovingly nurtured by the local community. The pre-launch of my new album I Bow To You Waheguru took place on the 4th of January at the Gurdwara Blackburn. At the temple, I was greeted by sunshine-bright smiles of old friends and family. As ever, it was a pleasure to perform here; to a room full of open ears, hearts and minds. This recital also marked a first for me, I did something I’ve never before attempted on stage – I spoke. My song is my voice on stage and I have not felt the need to greet or bid farewell to my audience on mic before. But this, I knew, was the perfect opportunity for me to speak out about the charity that all the profits from my new album will be going to – The S.O.S Initiative. I asked the universe for guidance and courage and began to speak. I told of family trips to Punjab during my youth and of realising the ocean of despair that poverty has caused there. Those early experiences were formative and cemented the foundations of the work I do today. The S.O.S Initiative aims to provide education to 250,000 children in the Punjab by building schools, investing in their infrastructure and providing teacher training. Donors are invited to sponsor a child in need via the website www.deedaday.in. As I spoke of the children I support hot tears pooled in my eyes. It was an emotional experience but I’m proud to have stood up, sang out and spoken loud in praise of the organisation’s good work. This is a cause so dear to my heart; please explore my website to learn more. There are many more firsts for me to come this year. I’m lucky enough to have travel plans each month to tour my new album I Bow To You Waheguru – a jam-packed schedule indeed and all with my energetic four year old son in tow! I’m thrilled at the adventures ahead and invite you to follow my monthly blog for regular updates and reflections.