In my last blog I mentioned a speech I made at the Gurdwara Sri Guru Singh Sabha in Southall. A video of this speech is now up online and has been shared around on social media. I’m pleased to report the speech continues to strike a chord and sponsorship of children via my charity Kirtan For Causes has seen a sharp increase in the last few weeks. Please find some time to watch me talk about my motivations for the charitable work I support, the ocean of despair I see each year when I travel to the Punjab and the dark and disturbing challenges facing the region today. I really do believe we can change the face of Punjab within a generation; it is my life’s mission and my deepest passion. Please do your part to bring more love into the world and visit today to sponsor a child in rural Punjab through schooling.

I am honoured to have been invited back to London this summer by the Sikh Network. On the 4th June 2017 I will perform a short set and speak at the annual 1984 Remembrance March & Freedom Rally on Trafalgar Square, London. 30,000 people are expected at this peaceful commemoration of the 1984 Sikh Massacre where by thousands of Sikh’s were brutally and unjustly murdered in India. I’m composing something special for the event, working with the classic Sikh shabaad ‘Dev Shiva Bar Mohe Eha’ I’ll perform with Jyotsna Srikanth and Guiliano Modarelli at this show, my trusted and talented companions in music making. It will be incredibly exciting and absolutely petrifying to talk in front of that many people. It’s definitely the largest audience I will have come across in my career, by quite a stretch. If you are in London, please do come along and share in the special day.

Whilst back in Dubai over the last month I’ve been editing a video of a poem I recorded when last in London. ‘Dear Punjab, I’m Sorry’ tackles some of the issues at hand in the rural region today including unreported and extremely high suicide rates and on-going issues with drug addiction. I’ll share this with you soon. Stay tuned, as ever. Waheguru Ji