Sacred Words Reviews

“Manika Kaur soothes the soul with ‘Sacred Words’”
“Sacred Words is more than delicious; it’s positively excellent. If you’re seeking music to inspire, relax and cleanse your mind of stress and anxiety, look no further.” Kaur’s voice is simply nonpareil, drifting, soaring, and lingering with balanced aesthetics.”

Thrive Global



“Kaur’s sound is reminiscent of Sade, creamy, sensual, and nuanced with glistening pastel hues, as well as persuasive elegance.”

“… every single one is exquisitely superb.”

“Sacred Words is simply delectable, full of velvety melodies, sinuous washes of sonic pigments, and graceful milieus. Even those not into mystical-flavored music should give Manika Kaur a listen.”



“her hymms build lives”
Times of India


“A YouTube Star, introducing Kirtan to a global audince”
BBC World News


“SOUL SINGER, An artist whose music is wewn into the fabric of Sikhi, Manika Kaur has placed kirtan on the world music, and changed lives”
The Indian Weekly


“Mool Mantra features the kind of consciousness-altering positivity that we all need once in a while”.
“The soft glow of synth chords quickly leads into a lightweight rhythm, elements that back Kaur’s transcendent voice”.
Her devotion to the sacred Sikh musical tradition of Kirtan makes hers a truly hypnotic rendition of the piece, one rich with meaning.”



“Though wholeheartedly enjoyable on the strength of their sound alone, these beautiful and hypnotic renditions are only enhanced by the fact that they will be used as a positive humanitarian force, changing lives of those in need while spreading a pure and sincere message of generosity
and love”.
Urban Asian



“Manika Kaur has become the standard bearer of the Kirtan tradition, taking the spiritual discipline into the mainstream through her unique interpretations and sheer talent, breaking many boundaries in theprocess.”
New Age Music Guide



May 2018 marks the release of Sacred Words, the mesmerizing new album from Manika Kaur, a world-leading contemporary performer of sacred Sikh vocal music ‘Kirtan’.
Broadway World


“Nasaro Masoor reminds me of Sade, with its smooth, pulsing nuances and trembling voluptuous ambience, like cool, austere sophisti-pop tinged with suave jazz hues.“

“Sacred Words is sublimely yummy, blending numinous tabla music with the honeyed flavors of pop, dream-pop, and blushing jazz. Manika Kaur’s voice is a confection of pure elegance, which, in combination with the pervasive liquescent mood and feel of the music, makes for a scrumptious listening experience.
Celeb Mix


“modern rhythms and tunes which appeal to the young and old alike..”
“… a genuine force to be reckoned with.”
Urban Asian


She has such a pure, beautiful voice, it was easy to play along, a pleasure
to play”
James Yorkston (Domino Records)


Lush electronic arrangements and colourful acoustic Indian
World Music Central


Should you have any preconceived notions about Sikh Kirtan music….
..throw them out the window and have a listen to Sacred Words.

I Bow To You Waheguru Reviews

“the best religious music doesn’t proselytize. Rather, it enraptures you in its beauty, showing the strength of its conviction without forcing you into its grasp-it invites you into communion with it, no matter your walk of life”


Dreamy soundscape, reminiscent of what Sigur Rós sound life if they were Punjabi women rather than Icelandic”
Perceptive Travel


“Emotive melodies beautifully articulate the poetry she sings as hauntingly”


“Manika Kaur had this incredible natural gift as a Vocalist, as a Singer”
Talvin Singh OBE


“The Sikh YouTube star”
ABC Radio National


“Powerful spirit”
“Sikh prayers unfold in lush globally inspired arrangements”
Urban Asian


“Cinematic and serene morsels of cosmic and spiritual beauty that are best categorized as new age and world music fusion”


“…very anthem-esque or movie soundtrack feel to it”.
“Aukhee Gharhee” is a beautiful blend of the flute and her rich layered voice”
American Bazaar


“Manika’s voice is velvet: rich and luxuriating, coloured deep with the
contours of her gentle, echoing tone. Her music radiates light, each note illuminated by her profound passion for Sikh spirituality and the devotional practice of singing kirtan”.


“The music is gently flowing, layered and with drone and chants..”

Satnam Waheguru

“I can say for sure that Manika Kaur should be known as ‘Magic Kaur’ because there is pure magic in her voice…You will fall in love with the album within the first few minutes.”
Urban Asian


“Amazing Voice”
Asian Network BBC Radio


“Kaur’s angelic voice overlays the familiar with a sonic message that awakens our hearts. Embracing the barren emotions of human experience, Kaur elegantly channels shades of joy, love, sadness, and utter devotion to the Divine. Her chanting is intoxicating.”
LA Yoga


Satnam Waheguru is Manika Kaur’s debut album, a graceful offering of beautifully delivered Mantra and Kirtan – devotional chants and hymns relaying messages of love, peace and truth.


Blessed with a voice so pure it permeates your body and washes away your troubles in one soothing note.

Manika Kaur © 2020. All rights reserved.

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